Galaxy on Fire™ – Alliances

My Role:

Submission Manager & Lead Tester


Far beyond the final frontier, on the outskirts of known space, lies the Shroud Nebula. Having been hidden from our scanners for centuries and containing enormous riches as well as powerful relics from a long-lost civilization, this beckoning El Dorado in space has quickly caught the attention of adventurers, treasure seekers and entrepreneurs from all parts of the galaxy. Eager to claim this hitherto uncharted area for themselves and harvest its invaluable resources, the major factions of the Terrans, Nivelians and Vossk have sent their best men and women right into the pulsating heart of the Shroud Nebula.

To stand their ground and fulfill their mission, however, these brave representatives of the three strongest forces in the galaxy have to team up with one another and form strong alliances. Because you will not last long in this hazardous new environment, unless a friend watches your back.

Features :

  • The first Multiplayer Game set in the GOF universe
  • Easy-to-access Alliance and PvP gameplay
  • Specifically designed for Mobile Use on Touch Devices
  • High-end 3D Graphics and spectacular visual effects
  • A whole Universe in Pocket Size


gofa_screenshots_1136x640_01 gofa_screenshots_1136x640_02 gofa_screenshots_1136x640_03 gofa_screenshots_1136x640_04 gofa_screenshots_1136x640_05

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