Lost Horizon

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The year is 1936. After his dismissal from the British Air Force, Fenton Paddock struggles along as a smuggler and petty crook – until he receives the lucrative offer to trace an expedition that went missing in the highlands of Tibet. But Fenton and his ex-girlfriend Kim are not the only ones eager to find the missing researchers. The Nazis have sent a secret task force to Tibet as well and assigned them to get hold of the lost explorers, whose revolutionary findings bear the power to change the fate of the world forever.

Features :

  • The new mobile game by the makers of Secret Files
  • A classic point ‘n click adventure with challenging riddles & a captivating Story
  • Fully optimized for mobile with spot-on touch controls and adjusted UI
  • Top-class production values incl. handcrafted visuals
  • Fully localized and dubbed cut scenes


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