Stranded: A Mars Adventure

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Set on Mars, the game centers around a little astronaut’s efforts to find a way back home after his space ship crash-landed on the red planet. However, before he can reach out to his colleagues on Earth and communicate his whereabouts to a rescue crew, he first has to brave his way through 40 dodgy levels spanning across five differing terrains.

Presentation-wise, the title wears its retro colors with pride and delights its players with carefully crafted pixel graphics, well-orchestrated sound design and delightfully staged cut Scenes.


  • Unique arcade gameplay combining the most addictive elements of autorunners & 2D platformers
  • Charming pixel graphics with delightful retro appeal & tons of enjoyable details
  • 40 cleverly designed levels spanning across 5 different terrains (Crater Site, Cave, Crystal, Space Station & Surface)
  • Spot-on touch controls for a perfectly smooth gaming experience
  • Lots of power-ups & customization options
  • Async multiplayer including ghost races & Facebook friend challenges
  • Star-based performance ratings & challenging Game Center achievements


Stranded_1 Stranded_2 Stranded_3 Stranded_4 Stranded_5

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